Well for starters, you will always deal with me or hubby Steve. 

There's just the two of us doing everything from packing orders to washing up!

We're a team - like Fred and Ginger (with less dancing!), Laurel and Hardy (without the hats - we won't dwell on which one is which!!) or Batman and Robin (ok, going off on a tangent now but you get the idea....

Whether you are emailing us, contacting us on social media, or phoning us, you can be sure you will always deal directly with one of us.  Every time.  Which means we get to know our customers well, and can provide a consistent and personal service.  There is no breakdown in communication and the buck stops with us.

And that makes us different to many companies out there.

We gift wrap every order, as standard, at no extra charge.  Because we like to.

We like to spoil you, so that receiving your order is like receiving a present.  We all love a present, right?  And if you're spending your hard earned cash with our business, the least we can do is make your parcel look pretty!

We include a quote and many of our customers keep these and put them up on desks, mirrors, fridges and around the home, as little positivity reminders.  We love that.

Jackie handwrites every thank you postcard with every parcel.

We also include a sample of our favourite wax melts for you to try.  These have the added benefit of making your parcel smell amazing on receipt - many a delivery driver has commented on the lovely scent coming from the parcel when delivering!

We think these added personal touches make us different.

Jackie chooses every single product herself.  With 8 years experience buying stock, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best quality products from the extensive range available out there.

We like quirky and different.  We like to stock items you won't necessarily find on the high street.  And we will only stock items which Jackie will wear herself, we would have in our home, or would give as a gift.

We've done all the hard work for you bringing a wide range of beautiful products together under one roof.  In one place. 

A range of products you will not find duplicated collectively anywhere else.

Because Jackie has put them together.

That makes us different.  And it's good to be different, right?